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Tips for Decorating Your Wedding Limousine

Why show up in a basic limo for your wedding when you can decorate your wedding limousine?

Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life, so you want it to be nothing short of perfect. A wedding limousine is a great way to ensure that you will make it to all of your destinations stress free and on time. To make your day even more special, you may want to decorate your luxury limousine so that everyone knows it’s your wedding day. Here are some tips for decorating your wedding limousine!

Go Flowerless

It seems to be an unspoken rule that every wedding limousine has to be decorated with flowers. Break this traditional trend and make your limo unique by substituting flowers for something like cool window stickers. You can arrange them any way that you would like and there are a variety of design options to compliment your personal style.

If You Love Flowers…

Why stick to one color when you could incorporate multiple? If you are set on using flowers, make them stand out by choosing color combinations rather than one solid color. White & purple and white & red are great color combinations that will make your wedding limousine stand out. If you aren’t big on mixing colors, create a unique design by purchasing non traditional flowers that you don’t see often.


Ribbons are a great addition to any wedding limousine. They give your limo an elegant look that will be sure to catch the eyes of any people driving past. Ribbons come in all sorts of fun colors, whether you want to go bright or go with something more subtle. You could also make bows out of ribbons and stick them on various parts of the limo such as the doors, rear side, bonnet, etc.


You can design several different posters to use as decoration for your wedding limousine. In fact, you can use ribbons and flowers on the posters! Personalize your wedding limo by creating picture collages of you and your fiance to put around the limo. This is a cute way to let everyone know that it is your big day.

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