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3 Reasons Not to Use Public Transportation This New Year’s Eve

The New Year brings the chance for new beginnings and resolutions, but it also brings a chance for fun with friends and family. Ring 2019 in the right way by booking a limousine for all your loved ones, for all your transportation needs. Whether you are attending a party or heading to the city, do not let public transportation put a damper on your celebration. Read more about the three major disadvantages of using public transportation as you welcome the new year.


Public transportation follows a preset route, which includes stopping to pick up and drop off passengers at certain stops. This rigid route can be unfavorable if you do not live within walking distance of any bus stops, or if the bus does not stop near your destination. Even with the help of public transportation, travelers might need a secondary source of transportation to reach their final destination, or to return home.

In addition to fixed stops, public transportation routes are conducted on a set schedule. Buses are slated to make stops at certain times, with little to no change to times. This tight schedule might complicate New Year’s Eve if scheduled bus times do not match travel plans. Travelers might have to arrive extremely early to the event to avoid being late, or even leave the event early in order to avoid missing the next bus. Public transportation can not only waste a significant amount of your time, but it can also shorten the length of time you have to enjoy with your friends and family.


For many public transportation systems, there is a limited amount of space and seating available. This lack of resources can be inconvenient when traveling with a large group of people. When celebrating New Year’s Eve with loved ones, the main goal of the night is to be together in one place and spend time with one another. Public transportation can spoil this goal by splitting up the party before they even arrive to their destination. In some cases, large groups are divided up into different sections of the bus, but worst-case scenario entails group being forced to split between different modes of transportation.


Another disadvantage of public transportation includes the lack of privacy. Due to the lack of space, passengers are crowded together with no personal space or privacy protecting them from the other travelers. New Year’s Eve provides the opportunity to catch up, laugh, and reminisce with friends and family, which means the last thing you want happening is a stranger eavesdropping or intruding on your private conversation.

Instead of dealing with the annoyances of public transportation, consider booking a limo for this New Year’s Eve. An ExtraOrdinar Limousine can help you not only begin your celebration on time, but in style. Our luxury vehicles come equip with spacious and comfortable seats, allowing the whole family the chance to sit back and chat with one another, while a reliable and professional company does all the work.

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