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Ride-Sharing Apps Cause Rise in Traffic Fatalities

When new factors are introduced into a given area, there are bound to be negative consequences. After researching the effects of Uber and Lyft on cities across the country, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found just that. The introduction of ride-sharing services has brought a 2 to 3 percent rise in traffic related deaths.

The growing demand of ride-sharing apps has brought a surge of new drivers to the roads, which has resulted in a significant increase in collisions and fatalities. The increase in death toll is also linked to lack of standards and training that Uber and Lyft drivers receive. Drivers can register and begin driving almost immediately, with little to no background check, training, or vehicle inspection.

In late October of 2017, a Detroit woman felt the impact of Lyft’s faulty driver registration procedure. While riding in a Lyft, passenger Sheila Hawkins was involved in a high-speed collision due to her driver’s distracted driving. The driver became distracted by Lyft notifications before rear-ending a stopped tractor-trailer.

Another instance of negligence from ride-sharing services can be seen after an Uber driver was found guilty of drunk driving and vehicular assault. This conviction is a result of Uber’s improper background check; the Uber driver in question was employed by Uber even with a criminal history of drunk driving. In January of 2017, the driver picked up a passenger before failing to yield to oncoming traffic, resulting in a head-on collision with another vehicle. The driver of the other vehicle, along with the Uber driver and passenger, were rushed to the hospital where they were all diagnosed with various injuries. The impaired Uber driver had a blood-alcohol content of nearly three times the legal limit.

Traveling to the airport should be stress-free and exciting, but for Nick Cameron and his girlfriend, Monika Traikov, the experience was devastating. After calling a ride, the couple was picked up by a driver who had only been working with Uber for two days. The inexperienced driver began the route going the wrong way on the expressway before turning around. After correcting his mistake, the Uber driver pulled over onto the shoulder and attempted to retrieve his cellphone that had fallen under his seat. Unfortunately, the vehicle was not properly pulled over and remained partially in the right lane of traffic. After locating his cell phone, the driver began to merge back into traffic but was rear-ended by another vehicle. The Uber driver has been found guilty of careless driving due to his selfishness and lack of consideration for his passenger’s safety.

Rather than settle for unqualified drivers desperate for a supplementary income, trust your life in the hands of a fully-trained and experienced limo driver. The convenience of ride-sharing apps does not outweigh the worth of your life.

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