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Reasons Not To Uber

With the ever-present popularity of ride-sharing apps, it is easy to fall victim to the false pretenses of affordability and safety. At first glance, apps like Uber or Lyft seem like reputable companies, but after a closer look, it is easy to see the flaws and risks that these ride-sharing apps pose to their passengers.

Prices Are Unpredictable

Every time you take an Uber or Lyft, the cost will always be different; the price of the ride depends heavily on the time of day and location. These apps guarantee budget-friendly prices, however, they regularly increase the cost of their services during peak times of day, such as rush hour or weekend nights. Another aspect that factors into fare is distance. This might not seem like a big deal to the passenger, but if the driver is unfamiliar with the area, the distance traveled might inadvertently rise as a result of ignorant driving. If the driver takes a wrong turn, resulting in a longer route, you are the one paying for it. Limo chauffeurs, on the other hand, possess extensive driving knowledge of the local area to ensure they get you to your destination.

No Liability

Since Uber and Lyft drivers are not formal employees, only independent contractors, the companies have the ability to deny all responsibility over accidents or incidents involving their drivers and customers. In addition to injury from accidents, passengers of Uber or Lyft are subject to a long list of potential dangers including sexual assault, robbery, kidnapping, and even death. Although this is stated in the fine print of the terms and conditions, not many customers are aware of this due to the oversimplified and rapid signup process. Not only are you left suffering from crimes committed against you, the companies you trusted with your business have turned their backs on you in order to protect their own reputation.

No Reliability

Uber and Lyft prides themselves on being “on demand” services, their work ethic suggests otherwise. Drivers for these companies have the option to cancel your ride at any given time up until the ride begin. Why value a company that does not value your time? Renting a limo means working with an established company and receiving reliable and professional service. Unlike Uber or Lyft, limos offer the opportunity to reserve the vehicle beforehand and set a distinct pickup time, which ensures a reliable and punctual ride.

Lack of Standards

For ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft, the quality assurance for drivers and vehicles ends as soon as the application process is over. Uber drivers are not held to the same certain standards of limo chauffeurs, such as proper attire, good health and hygiene, and upholding a polite attitude. In addition, drivers often complete a vast number of rides in a short amount of time, which does not allow for a proper upkeep of the vehicle to ensure transportation is sanitary for all passengers.

It’s time to face facts and admit that ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft are only good for three things: outrageous charges, unprotected risks, and untrained drivers. No matter the destination, An ExtraOrdinar Limousine will put your mind at ease with safe and reliable services from the best drivers around. Don’t settle for convenience over quality!

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