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5 Qualities of a Great Chauffeur

A great chauffeur should always be professional and look the part as well!

A great limousine service goes way further than just having a luxurious vehicle. In fact, the service given during the limousine ride is just as, if not more important than the limo itself. When people invest in a limousine service, they are looking for quality customer service as well. Here are five qualities every great chauffeur should have.

Proper License & Certifications  

Before we get into character traits, the first thing any great chauffeur must have is the proper driver’s license and certification to drive a limousine. Without these things, you are taking a big risk when allowing them to drive the limo. You also want to make sure they have the proper insurance just in case anything happens.


Often times, people book limousines for special occasions and events. For this reason, it is important that a great chauffeur is professional in all aspects. They should speak in a professional manner as well as dress the part as well. Formal attire should be worn by chauffeurs to help compliment the elegance of the limousine and the event taking place.

Communication Skills

Your chauffeur will be transporting you from place the place for the duration of time that you choose. They should be able to communicate well with you and your guests so that everyone feels comfortable. It is also important for a great chauffeur to know when not to speak as well because they don’t want to annoy or overwhelm the guests. Communication is also important just in case of any delays or changes in traffic patterns that need to be discussed.


Because people often book limousines for events, punctuality is so important. It can put a lot of stress on a bride or groom if the limousine service shows up late and has to take them to their own wedding. A great chauffeur should value time and always show up promptly so that there’s more than enough time to make it to the given destination. A great chauffeur should also know the local roads well enough so that they can select the fastest routes to get their guests to their destinations on time.

Safety First

It is important that a great chauffeur knows how to drive safely and follow the rules of the road. However, they also shouldn’t be timid either. They should be confident in their ability to drive safely and efficiently because that is what will keep guests comfortable and relaxed.

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