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What to Bring in Your Prom Night Limo

With prom merely weeks away, you are most likely already checking items off your to-do list. But with preparation ramping up, it is important to not only prepare for prom itself but your prom night limousine service.

To ensure your night is one to remember, be certain to add these five items to your transportation checklist.

Prom Night Limousine


Your prom night is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so it deserves to be celebrated accordingly. Spruce up your limo with personalized touches to make your night even more spectacular.

Temporary window paint, pictures, flowers, and balloons are just some of the many decoration ideas available to prom-goers.

Additionally, limousine decorations make a great addition in the background of photographs.

Snacks/ Drinks

Traditional prom fare includes light appetizers, but it is not unheard of for students to skip this spread all-together.

With the amount of dancing, chatting, and picture-taking that occurs at prom, it is no wonder why some students do not realize they have yet to eat until prom is already over.

That is why it is a great idea to pack a variety of snacks and drinks for transportation to and from prom.

After a couple straight hours of partying, you will be thanking your past self for remembering to pack refreshments for the group.


A prom playlist will serve to turn your limousine trip into a luxury experience.

Our professional chauffeurs are more than happy to turn to the radio station of your choice but do not let yourself get stuck listening to the same boring songs over and over again.

More importantly, do not let yourself get stuck listening to commercials.

Choose a group member to be the designated playlist provider, or better yet, have the entire group contribute to the playlist to make your prom travel all the more memorable.

Change of Clothes

Just because prom has ended does not mean the night is over. The possibilities of after-prom activities are endless, so it is important to be ready for anything. After a long night of dancing in high heels or a 5-piece tux, you will be counting down the minutes until you can change into a comfier outfit. That is why it is a great idea to pack a change of clothes and shoes to leave in the limousine. With a spare outfit on hand, prom-goers are free to change out of their elegant attire at any time without delay.

Emergency Kit

You never know what to expect on prom night, so it is a good idea to pack an emergency kit. Consider coordinating with friends to ensure you are prepared for all inconveniences, including first aid and wardrobe malfunctions. A basic emergency kit could include pain relievers, Band-Aids, stain removers, deodorant, safety pins, bobby pins, hand and makeup wipes, and extra cash.

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