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Stay Safe Using Ride-Sharing Apps

In recent months, there has been a surge of online platforms posting safety tips and guidelines for using ride-sharing apps, such as Uber and Lyft.

While these are great resources, An ExtraOrdinar Limousine would like to share our number one rule for staying safe: do not use ride-sharing apps.

Unlike limousine services, Uber and Lyft can not offer professionally trained drivers or guarantee passenger safety.

Ride-Sharing Apps

Insignificant Vehicle Requirements

To become an Uber driver, the only requirement is owning a four-door vehicle that is at most 15 years old. The reality of this general requirement has two very different meanings for drivers and passengers of ride-sharing apps.

The broad requirement makes it extremely easy for individuals looking to make extra income as Uber drivers.

But, more importantly, it makes it extremely dangerous for ride-sharing users across the world. The ill-advised vehicle requirement informs users that essentially any car, of any make or model, could be their ride.

The world of ride-sharing apps is already seeing the horrible consequences of their insignificant requirements as passengers are unknowingly getting into the wrong vehicle, or worse, getting into a vehicle driven by a fake Uber driver.

Fake Uber Drivers

Most of the time you will hear people warn against “strangers on the internet”, but it is important to be watchful of strangers in real life as well.

Since the creation of ride-sharing services, there has been a steady rise in the number of individuals assuming the identity of Uber drivers as a tactic to harm or scare innocent passengers.

That is why is it so important to identify your Uber driver before getting into the vehicle. Another option is to delete your ride-sharing apps altogether and choose the safer route of luxury transportation services.

At An ExtraOrdinar Limousine, we offer more than just limousines, we have a diverse selection of sedans, SUVS, and vans to answer all your transportation needs.

Trusting a Stranger

When you ride with Uber or Lyft, the process is expedited. The passenger meets the driver and immediately gets into their vehicle, then after the trip is over, the passenger and driver part ways and most likely never see each other again.

The process of finding an Uber driver is completely random, meaning you will receive a new driver every ride. But with An ExtraOrdinar Limousine, the process is much more customer service oriented.

Our customers have the option to meet their chauffeur well in advance to build a rapport and become familiar with one another.

Plus, if you have a great experience with a particular driver, you have the opportunity to request them as your driver on future trips.

Instead of having a different driver every day, give yourself the peace of mind that comes from driving with a professional chauffeur you know and trust.

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