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Road Trip Tips for Traveling with Children

The best part of any road trip isn’t the place you’re going to, it’s the journey to get there. The most memorable moments are singing along to your favorite songs, spending quality time with family, and enjoying the ever-changing landscape outside the window. But sometimes, traveling with children proves these good times to be difficult.

Road trips are meant to be fun, so let An ExtraOrdinar Limousine take the stress out of your vacation.

Whether you are going for a short excursion or a road trip down the coastline, follow these tips to ensure your limo trip with children remains a luxury experience.

Come Prepared with Apps

Road trips can be a great bonding experience, however, younger children often become bored and restless road tripsitting through long stretches of travel.

To ensure the best road trip possible, it is important to come prepared with a tablet stock full of different educational and fun apps. Most apps are free to download and can provide hours of entertainment on the road.

Don’t Skimp on Snacks

No matter the length of the road trip, there is always one fact that remains true: fast food gets old quick.

There are only so many times you can stop at fast food restaurants for fries and burgers before everyone starts feeling sluggish and lethargic. It is important to bring an abundance of healthy snacks to keep everyone energized and happy.

Classic Car Games

While apps can calm even the crankiest of travelers, there is nothing quite like good old-fashioned car games to keep kids engaged and entertained.

Classic car games, such as “I Spy”, the State License Plate Game, and card games, are an ideal way to avoid squabbling or hurt feelings.

If these interactive games do not seem to do the trick, it is always a good idea to bring back-ups in the form of pen and paper games, such as mad libs or word searches.

Stretch Your Legs

The key to a successful road trip is balancing how long you spend in the car to how long you spend getting some exercise. Roadside parks make for great destinations to have a quick picnic.

The parks system offers entire families an opportunity to learn about geographical history, view wildlife in its natural habitat, and appreciate the outdoors, all while burning off built-up energy.

If the weather proves too hot for the great outdoors, almost every state along the east coast offers roadside tourist attractions, such as theme parks or water parks. There is nothing better than getting out of the car and having fun with the whole family.

Be Proactive About Motion Sickness

Even in a luxury limousine, children are prone to motion sickness, especially on long distance road trips. Several motion sickness medications are available over the counter, including Dramamine and Bonine. For a more natural approach, ginger and peppermint have also been proven to help settle an uneasy stomach.

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