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Keep Your Belongings Safe While Traveling by Plane

Before a big trip, most travelers are primarily concerned with what to pack, but pay no attention to how they are packing. The ways in which traveler’s pack and keep their personal belongings can make the difference between a good and bad travel experience. By following these precautionary measures while traveling by plane, you can ensure your belongings will not only arrive at your destination safely but will not be misplaced.

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Label Your Luggage

If you have a generic-looking luggage bag, a luggage tag will ensure no confusion at baggage claim. On the tag, travelers should clearly and boldly write their name and other useful information.

For an added layer of protection, add a strip of bright tape or tie a brightly colored ribbon around the handle. This will ensure your luggage stands out amidst the sea of bags. This tip also serves to protect against theft – an identifying marker will dissuade thefts from stealing your bag because it would draw too much attention.

Secure Valuables

If you are planning to travel with valuable jewelry or expensive items, it is best to keep these belongings close. Rather than pack valuables in your luggage, store them in your carry-on to avoid damaged or lost items.

No matter if the flight is domestic or international, plane travel always presents the risk of damaged luggage or even missing luggage – we have all heard the horror stories about luggage accidentally ending up on the complete opposite side of the world from its owner.

Lost luggage may take days or weeks to be returned, and until then, you will be thankful that you brought your valuable personal belongings on the plane with you.

Once you have arrived at your destination, keeping your valuables safe and secure is the next challenge. To do so, it may be wise to invest in your security with a small travel safe. Hotels and resorts typically provide their guests with safes in their rooms, but hotel staff can easily access and unlock these devices.

Protect Breakables

There is no worse feeling than opening your luggage only to find broken souvenirs or spilled perishables. The only way to protect against breakables is to pack with extra care. If you have an abundance of clothing, use these items as padding to carefully wrap the breakable.

Using clothes is a great tool if you do not have room for actual padding. If you do have extra room in your luggage, wrap your item in bubble wrap, saran wrap, paper towels, or anything that would protect against breaks.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Whether you are traveling to a new place or somewhere you have been a million times, travelers should always remain vigilant and aware of their surroundings.

Traveling by plane can leave even the safest travelers vulnerable to criminals and thieves. Always keep your belongings within an arm’s reach away, but preferably stored in a bag secured to your body.

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