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An ExtraOrdinar Father’s Day

By now, your dad probably owns every tool in the store and has seen his favorite sports team play a hundred times. So, the question is: how do you thank the man who raised you for years with love and dedication, when he already has everything he needs? Give him a Father’s Day experience, not just a gift.

Whether you are planning an eventful day, family dinner, or family outing, a luxury limousine service is bound to leave dad with a memory he will never forget.

Father's Day

Father’s Day Family Dinner

Big family dinners make for the perfect opportunity for all members of the family to crowd together, bond over delicious food, cherish old memories and make new ones. As delicious as stove top macaroni and cheese is, dads deserve a fancy dinner every once in a while, and especially on Father’s Day.

There is no better way to start off a fancy night on the town than a luxurious sedan or limousine ride. So, make a reservation at dad’s favorite restaurant, book a luxury transportation service, and show your father how much he means to you.

It’s time to enjoy your Father’s Day and leave the driving to us.

Dad’s Night Out

Over the years, fathers and father figures sacrifice a lot for the benefit of their families. Whether it was taking you to practice, picking you up from a friend’s house, or staying home from work to take care of you when you were sick.

Dads dedicate a majority of time to their children, so isn’t it time to dedicate a day to him? Make a list of all the fun activities dad loves to do, then plan out the perfect Father’s Day!

Surprise him with a limousine ride to get to and from each destination in style! Simply set your itinerary and our professional driver will take care of everything else.

Family Outing

Although the name signifies a day focused on dad, Father’s Day is also meant to focus on the very thing that distinguishes a man from a father: family. Whether you plan to visit a park, museum, or another family-friendly location, family outings are the perfect excuse for everyone to gather together and have good old-fashioned fun.

Plus, group transportation gives families the opportunity to spend quality together on the way to and from the destination. Limousines and party buses were designed to comfortably seat the entire family on these types of outings. Wherever you plan to go, our fleet of luxury vehicles will be able to get everyone there, together.

As a parent, the role of designated driver and chauffeur tends to come with the title. This Father’s Day, give your dad or father figure the night off by hiring An ExtraOrdinar Limousine to provide luxury travel for the whole family.

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