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4 Common Myths About Limousine Transportation Services

Since the late 1920s, limousines have been making a name for themselves as the pinnacle of luxury group transportation. But unfortunately, this long track record has allowed for numerous myths and misconceptions to arise. An ExtraOrdinar Limousine has built our business philosophy on trust and confidence, which is why we feel so strongly about debunking the myths surrounding limousines.

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Limousines cost a small fortune to rent.

Our team prides itself on offering cost-effective travel services. Limousine services are affordable for any budget. What many people do not realize is the cost of a luxury limousine is comparable to the cost of private commercial transportation, such as taxis. On average, a limousine comfortably fits up to 20 people.

In comparison, a taxi can only comfortably fit 3-4 people. That being said, the cost of hiring over 6 taxis to transport 20 people will be well over the cost of hiring a limousine. Even so, the additional costs of renting a limo only serves to ensure luxury, space, and the ability to travel as a group.

Limousines are outdated.

When most people think of a limousine, they picture the vehicle their parents rented at their wedding – complete with tacky decor, shag carpet, and a disco ball. But just as the times have changed, so have limousines.

The level of luxury transportation vehicles we offer is unparalleled. Not only do we offer one of Maryland’s largest fleets, we are constantly updating and replacing our vehicles to provide our clients with the latest and greatest. Every year, car manufacturers release the newest model of their limousine or luxury SUV.

Due to their luxury nature, these new models tend to surpass their compact counter-parts. Nowadays, most luxury vehicles come complete with the latest technologies, including Wi-Fi hotspots, sound systems, premium seating, and LED lighting systems.

Limousines are only useful for short trips.

For the past 25 years, An Extraordinary Limousine has been successfully providing luxury ground limousine transportation to and from any destination. Whether you need a short commute to BWI or a longer travel service to New York City, we have the ride for you.

Plus, our vehicles are designed to be comfortable and convenient, which is perfect for a long ride.

Limo drivers are just as unprofessional and untrained as ride-sharing drivers.

Day and night, our staff is committed to not only great customer service and support, but customer satisfaction. It is not enough to be good, we strive to be ExtraOrdinar.

Each member of our team has been carefully vetted – we take the time to consider how the candidate will succeed as a team member, but more importantly, how the candidate will succeed with our clients.

As for our Professional Chauffeurs, each driver undergoes strict scrutiny and testing, including DMV and criminal background checks, random drug screenings, and driving knowledge assessments. Our chauffeurs are not only required to be good drivers but expected to be genuinely good people.

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