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The Latest and Greatest Technologies Limos Have to Offer

technology in limosTransportation is more than just getting to a destination, it is about the experience. That is why at An ExtraOrdinar Limousine we are continuously updating our fleet to give our customers the best experience possible. Unlike public transportation or ride-sharing services, limousines are remodeled and improved yearly to feature the newest technologies and services.

Climate Control

There is nothing worse than going from having the time of your life, to sitting in the back of a limo with an uncomfortably set climate. In an effort to solve this long-standing problem, limos now come complete with rear climate control technology. Rather than relying on the driver to properly heat or cool the vehicle, passengers now have the ability to change the temperature as they see fit. No matter the destination, or season, you can rest assured knowing you will arrive feeling comfortable and vitalized.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

When traveling in a limousine, you are most likely headed to an important event, whether it is work or pleasure. The latest technological improvements mean you do not have to put life on hold while in the vehicle. For instance, if traveling to a work meeting or conference, passengers are able to connect to the Wi-Fi network and continue their work flow with no interference. If the destination is a party or night on the town, passengers are able to keep in contact with others about location, times, or directions to ensure plans are running smoothly.

Sound Systems

When customers decide to give their business to a luxury service company, such as a limousine company, they expect to be given the best service possible. With all the technologies available nowadays, there is no reason not to provide passengers with the latest and greatest entertainment features. Whatever the occasion, the limousine ride sets the mood and tone for the rest of the night, which can mean the difference between a great night and a subpar night. Bluetooth connectivity gives passengers the ability to listen to their favorite music all night long, and a premium sound system ensures the music and fun won’t be stopping until the limo does.

Premium Seats

Cutting edge luxury technology is making transportation more comfortable than ever. To provide a superior level of comfort, limousine designers decided to take a step back and focus on the basics: seats. Typically, the comfort of the driver’s seat is prioritized, but in the limo industry, the needs of the passengers surpasses the driver’s needs. Passengers can forget the strain and stress previously associated with traveling as they unwind in leather seats, complete with exceptional lumbar support. In addition to modifying the structure of the seats themselves, the technology inside the seats have been given a major upgrade as well. While heated seats may not seem like a necessity at first, passengers will immediately notice the boost in comfort.

You can get standard technologies anywhere, but only An ExtraOrdinar Limousine will provide you will the luxury features you deserve to turn your experience into a time you will never forget.

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