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Stretching A Car Into A Limousine


Learn all about stretch limousine manufacturing in this week’s blog.

If you’ve ever rented a limousine, you’ve probably wondered what went into its intricate design, interior decoration, and manufacturing processes. Transforming a regular sedan into an awesome stretch limousine decked out in plush fabrics and classy amenities with a high carrying capacity is tough! Limo conversion became prevalent in 1928, when the first coach limousine was created to transport larger groups of affluent people. Eventually, stretch limo manufacturers began to convert Lincolns and Cadillacs for funeral processions. As they became a popular means for transporting large groups for specific events, other companies entered the market, and stretching classic luxury cars, sports vehicles, and SUVs erupted! So what is the process for stretching a car into a limousine? We’ll take a look at how specific vehicle models are furnished with style and class, and explore all the safety standard testing that goes into making these new models road ready!

The Stretching Process

The limo stretching process is fairly universal for each model. First, the interior of the car is stripped and protected with fire-resistant paper. The vehicle is then mounted, and mechanics expertly cut the car in half. Some advanced manufacturers use laser-guided machinery to achieve precision cuts. What’s left are two sections of the previous car. The back section is pulled back. A base is then welded to connect the front and back of the car, extending it to a desired length. Temporary braces are attached to both ends to limit warping and twisting. By connecting multiple drive lines together, the body is expanded from the engine back to the rear axle. Using connectors from the car’s original wiring, the car’s electrical components are streamlined as well. Once the base is in place, the implementation of pillar posts begin. These pillar posts indicate the position of the limos’ doors once it’s time to attach them. The floor is then installed, and brakes, suspension, and steering mechanisms are reinforced. When more weight is added to the car, necessary adjustments in maneuvering abilities need altering. With more mass, the car is more difficult to stop. The last step is interior outfitting and a new paint job! Luxury decorations and materials are added, and brand new custom painting is applied. It is then, you’ve got an awesome new stretch limo, furnished lavishly, and ready for the road!

Meeting Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards

All limousines must meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards in order to be deemed legally operable. After the limousine is stretched, it goes through extensive testing to ensure the well being of all passengers.Once weight is added to a former vehicle that passed these safety standards, a new test must be administered. Stretch limos are no longer regarded as their former vehicle’s make and model in the government’s eyes. An inspection takes place to ensure conversion companies are following preset standards. Once the stretch limo passes, it’s sold to a trusted limousine rental company, and is ready for your long-awaited bachelorette party!

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